About Acer

Acer Mortgage Lending Corp. is a subsidiary of Gentai Financial Group. Led by professionals that have years of experience in the banking sector, we have been growing rapidly by constantly watching the market trend, building up and expanding quality client basis, and keeping abreast of policy and program changes made by the lending institutions.

Since our establishment in August 2011, we have gained access to 40 lending institutions, including banks, credit unions, trust companies, and private lenders.

Currently, we have 10 active mortgage experts with expertise in both residential and commercial mortgages. All of our experts speak two to three languages, which enable them to better understand clients’ needs on the one hand and educate them about the current policies and help them overcome cultural differences on the other hand.

At Acer Mortgage, we believe in open and honest communication with both our clients and lenders, through which we build and maintain trust and rapport. We seek improvement by:

  • In-house mentoring program where our leading expert familiarizes new members with compliance requirements, products, and programs, etc., walk with them through their deals for the first six months or whenever necessary;
  • Inviting lenders to give educational seminars to the team,
  • Holding team meetings at regular intervals to discuss about current policies and programs, and issues both general and case-based.